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NBA Fantasy Teams

Each year, basketball fans watch the NBA season in anticipation of who will win the games and championships. Many want to get into the action and place bets or set up their own fantasy teams. This can be done online or with friends, whichever method you choose.

Making a Fantasy NBA Team

Fantasy NBA basketball can be a lot of fun. Each participant can choose their own players and create what they hope to be a winning team. Each individual engages in the drafting process just like real NBA so that the selection of all players is fair throughout the fantasy team participants. You can play fantasy basketball online in large groups, but scams are often present, especially when real money bets are placed instead of playing just for fun. The administrator of the group determines how monetary prizes, either real or pretend, are divided between first, second and third place.

Setting up Your Own Fantasy League

To keep things honest, you can set up your own league with a group of friends. The set-up is free and money is only exchanged when placing a bet or paying the entrance fee. The person setting up the league is the administrator and has 100% control of all transactions. Generally, there are three winners in each league. Prize money is distributed based on the administrator's percentage guidelines and the amount paid by each participant as an entry fee. The games and championship will follow along with the real NBA season.

Get together with your friends, set up a league, choose players, engage in the draft, and begin enjoying the NBA season while playing a fantasy game against your friends.

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